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Customization Instruction

We're thrilled to announce that Vienrose now offers personalized covers for our photo albums.

You can now choose personalized options when purchasing the Classic Large Self Adhesive Photo Album Scrapbook Album - Linen Cover and the Classic Large Self Adhesive Photo Album Scrapbook Album - Linen Cover with Window.


Customization Options

We currently offer three customization options:

Text Only (Price:$40)

Add your desired text to the album cover. 

(Cover Preview)
(Fonts Preview)
  • Multiple fonts and colors are available. If you have specific font and color preferences, please provide the details in the customzation area. 
  • The placement of the text can be adjusted to your preference. If no specific instructions are provided, we will use the default placement.

Upload Your Own (Price:$40)

Upload your image or design and specify your ideas. We will print your design according to your instructions.

Design for You (Price:$60)

If you have text or images you'd like on the album cover but aren't sure how to combine them or choose the best colors, leave a message with your ideas, and our designers will work with you to bring your vision to life. Please note that the "Design for You" service does not include fully custom artwork designs. Vienrose reserves the right to interpret this service.


Customization Process

Retail Purchase:

  1. Order Selection:Select the type of customization you want when placing your order. Leave a note with any specific requests and your contact phone number(not mandatory).

  2. Design Draft: Vienrose will review your customization request and provide a design draft for your approval within 1-2 business days. The draft will be sent to your email, with a reminder notification to your contact number.

  3. Confirm Order: Review the design draft via email, communicate any needed changes, and confirm the design.

  4. Production and Shipping: Once the design is confirmed, production will begin. The finished product will be shipped to you.


  • Design Confirmation: 1-3 business days
  • Production and Delivery: 10-18 business days
Please note that the customization process cannot be expedited. If you are purchasing as a gift, please order in advance.

    Bulk Orders:

    For bulk orders, please contact us directly at support@vienrose.shop.

    How we do Customization?

    We use UV printers for our customization process. UV printing involves piezoelectric inkjet technology, which ensures vibrant and durable prints on various materials. This method allows for a wide range of colors and exceptional detail in your custom designs.

    Important Notes on Custom Products

    Once the design is confirmed and printing begins, customized products cannot be returned unless there is a shipping issue (e.g., lost or damaged in transit). If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at support@vienrose.shop.

    Vienrose reserves the right to interpret and modify the terms of our customization services.


    Thank you for choosing Vienrose for your personalized photo album needs!

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